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The following are documents either filed or recorded in the recorder's office.


The following are documents either filed or recorded in the recorder's office.


The forms from the Lorain County Recorder's Office are available in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to download. To obtain a free copy of the Acrobat Reader, click here.


The Lorain County Recorder's Office is proud to offer some of the most high tech computer systems available today to the residents of Lorain County. These systems include a document indexing application, and an optical storage document imaging system.

The document indexing application allows for the input of basic document information from every document recorded. This application is also the base for the research and retrieval of document information from title companies and the public. This information is provided for a basic quick search of the Recorder's database, as well as to narrow a broad search down for a more detailed result. The document indexing application contains data starting from May 20, 1992 to current, and is available to the public free of charge (copies and printouts require a fee) during normal business hours in the Lorain County Recorder's Office.

The optical storage document imaging system allows for the scanning, indexing, and retrieval of all documents filed on or after September 6, 1996. The imaging process starts following the basic indexing of a document into the document indexing application. Once the proper indexes have been filled, the document is scanned and microfilmed on a high-speed document scanner/microfilm machine. Using the existing indexes provided by the indexing application, the scanned document is stored to optical disk by an automated software process. When a document is requested, the imaging systems takes the request, searches on it's internal indexes, and provides the scanned image of the document on the workstation screen that the request was made from. This retrieval process takes a maximum of 10 seconds, with a typical retrieval time of one (1) to two (2) seconds.

As of April 2000, there were more than 265,000 recorded documents in the Lorain County Recorder's Office imaging system. These documents are made up of more than 1.2 million pages. These numbers increase every business day by more than 250 documents made up of an average two (2) pages or more.

The system hardware consists of multiple multiprocessor servers. Servers are the backbone of the computer systems. These servers have a combined total of 3 Gigabytes RAM (operating memory), and over 1.5 Terabytes of online data storage. The main hub of our online storage is in the form of an optical jukebox. This jukebox alone will store 1.2 Terabytes of data. The jukebox contains 6 drives, 238 5.2 Gigabyte optical platters, and a fully robotic armature. It is often said that this jukebox resembles a large refrigerator in size.

Information stored in the document imaging system is available for viewing free of charge during normal business hours at the Lorain County Recorder's Office. There is a nominal charge for images that are printed per Ohio Revised Code 317.09.

The Lorain County Recorder's Office computer systems are currently maintained by the Computer Systems Manager. The Systems Manager is available during normal business hours to handle any technical questions or repairs.

We are proud of the systems and information we provide in the Lorain County Recorder's Office, and we encourage any comments you may have about your experience with us. Comments can be made at the office, by phone, or by writing to:

The Lorain County Recorder's Office
Attn: Mike Doran
226 Middle Avenue
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Phone: 440-329-5148
Fax: 440-329-5477

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